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Pavor is a first-person horror adventure game set on a nightmarish island, inspired by the real life Isla de las Muñecas (Island of the Dolls). As the name implies, the island is covered with dolls of all shapes and sizes, damaged and decayed over years of exposure to the elements. The game is split up into five chapters spanning across different time periods, each one following a different character as they explore this terrifying place and try to uncover the truth about its origins and the spirits that haunt it. But as mysteries are unraveled and the dolls grow restless, can you guide these poor souls to survival?



The chilling world of Pavor was inspired by a real life location, and the haunting stories that surround it. “Isla de las Muñecas” is an island near Mexico City where a man dedicated his life to decorating the land with as many dolls as possible in the hopes of calming the spirit of a drowned girl. Pavor seeks to take players across a fictionalized version of this island, and have them uncover new and strange paranormal horrors hiding deep within its jungles.


This island has collected many stories throughout the years, and players will explore a selection of its most spine chilling. Each character you follow has their own reasons for being on the island, their own goals and their own secrets to uncover. No one story is quite like the other, but they are all connected by the one island they must travel, and an overarching plot that spans across time.


Our team currently consists of 36+ people (and growing!), from all across the globe, working hard on this project for over a year now. We started as a tight-knit group of 10 people who all knew each other from previous projects, and soon more very talented people became interested in our game and joined the team. We are all working together to make the nightmare of Pavor a reality.

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